The Puma Shoes Has Caused The Big Disturbance

Published: 06th April 2011
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After I get dressed and ready for school this morning, Mama got up earlier than usual. She marched to the kitchen and made breakfast. I fussed with my school bag and told to mother:" mummy, please help me put puma shoes wet with rain dry in the sun, can you hear me? Fast!" ok, I will do that, you can continue about your business, my mother said in an impatient tone. After that, I have breakfast.

RRRRRING!!! The phone rang, and the mother picked it up with one slice of bread and said. At sight of my puma shoes, my mother forgot to flat dry my puma shoes, I told to my mother anxiously:" mummy, you forgot to flat dry my puma shoes, Please hurry. I am late! My mother was angry and said you have feet and hands, why did not you put it in the sun, if you want me do that, you could wait ten minutes. What???? Ten minutes? I have been on the way to my school, Damn mother! Well, I resigned myself to wait ten minutes. So you will ask me it is all the same whether my mother put it in the sun or myself. Why are you flinging away your time on such useless things? Do you know? The balcony is upstairs not with balconies on each floor.

The clock ticked away the time. How quickly time passed ten minutes, I have learned《Two Ancient Poems》by heart that our teacher told us to recite it, I had a yarn with my mother last night, I clean forgot about recite it. When I have learned this poem by heart, Right on time and I get ready for school, but I had a feeling that I had forgotten something, yes, it is my puma shoes, if without puma shoes I will walk for school in bare feet; make a laughing-stock of my friends, I run onto the balcony, I browsing around the balcony, all type of shoes are on but without my puma shoes, what happened? The puma shoes should be flatted on to dry by my mother, how ever did my mother forget it? Is it ……

A series of short, sharp sounds, I saw my wet puma shoes always place on the ground; I adjourned to the drawing room my mother sat astride the chair and crossed his knees speak highly on the phone, I couldn’t control myself, and I shouted to my mother, that's outrageous! You forget to flat dry my puma shoes, sob, what shall I do next? The second lesson today is P.E. when my mother hear my voice and say goodbye on the phone, and then she was rapt in wonder, she faltered out that I am so sorry, my baby, I clean forgot about it ,forgot it. What? I shouted at my mother neatly fainted.


Good-bye then! Mind how you go! My mother salted me with a wave of hand. That is a perfect day, during the just a moment they really put me through it, I was out of sorts, do you know what shoes did wear? Tell you truth I wearing a rather funny that me wear a strange pair of shoes, A bad smell emanated from the shoes, neither shoe fits comfortably, Oh, how unlucky I am.

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